Saturday, June 24, 2006

iTunes or Amazon?

I used to be precious about my record collection. CDs and LPs are stored alphabetically on shelves, discs are carefully put back in their sleeves. When I got an iPod, I bought the odd b-side on the iTunes music store, electing to buy full albums on CD and ripping them. Now I find that I rarely, if ever listen to original CDs, as I almost exclusively use iTunes to listen to music, mostly in "Party Shuffle" mode.

The question arises, 'should I continue buying CDs or should I just buy from iTunes'. CDs are higher quality than the 128kbs AAC files delivered by Apple, but I am becoming lazy and find myself buying the odd full album from iTunes where usually I would have bought from Amazon. iTunes comes into its own when cherry-picking b-sides from singles but I am starting to wonder when I will stop buying CDs altogether and go completely digital.



Blogger wook123 said...

none of them!

It's better to buy CD at your local CD store.

10:22 am  

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