Friday, June 23, 2006

Lilac Time Albums Re-issued with extra tracks

The Lilac Time - lilac1 - Artwork
Stephen Duffy has arranged for the Lilac Time's first three albums to be re-released on Mecury records. The albums come remastered, resplendent in new artwork and with extra tracks. Some of the extras were b-sides to singles from the original albums, others are previously unreleased or where BBC session tracks. I'd recommend starting with the first album, "The Lilac Time" (lilac1), now boosted to nineteen tracks from its original ten.

It was originally released on Swordfish records (I have 'Return to Yesterday' on 12" on Swordfish records) before the Lilac Time were signed by Fontana and then Creation. Stephen Duffy is currently touring with Robbie Williams, after which he will hopefully record a new Lilac or solo album.



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