Monday, July 17, 2006

Parallels #2 - Windows on a Mac

Windows XP Pro running in Parallels in Mac OS X 10.4
After my initial installation of Parallels on a Mac, I followed up with an installation of Windows XP Pro. As with Ubuntu, it went as easily as I could have imagined.

I created a new virtual machine, installed Windows in the normal way, adjusted its screen resolution and it was ready to go. Parallels even allows you to create an aread on your Mac hard disk where you can share files with your Windows virtual machine. Obviously you can use the networking tools that come with OS X Tiger to share files via HTTP, FTP or Samba, but this is even easier.

I'm sure the Parallels team are working hard on supporting Windows Vista installations on virtual machines, which would be a brilliant feature. I suppose they have six months or so before Vista is released to get it working. In the meantime, Mac-bound web designers can create Linux, Windows 98 and Windows XP virtual machines to test their sites on without leaving their computer.

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