Sunday, July 30, 2006

West Wing Ends

Martin Sheen is my president mug photoI watched the last two episodes of series 7 of the West Wing last night. This was the best television series I have ever watched and they captured the characters' sense of loss at the end of the administration, which mirrored the audiences loss of the best thing on television.

I was introduced to the West Wing a few episodes into series 1 by my late father-in-law who later bought me my treasured "Martin Sheen is my president" mug from Washington (D.C not New-town). I have avidly followed the Bartlett administration through assasination attempts, kidnappings and September 11th. In the last series, as President Barlett was side-lined to a Yoda figure, not even appearing every week, the programme still surpassed any of its rivals.

What am I supposed to watch now?



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