Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Eggs boiled to perfection

A nice box of eggsThe BBC reports that Hi-tech eggs are soon to go on the market. The eggs have heat-sensitive paint on their shells which will indicate when an egg is boiled to perfection. As a fan of eggs, this is good news. I haven't had a soft-boiled egg in ages and I think I'll have one for my tea tonight.

More interesting than that is that there is an organisation called The British Egg Information Service. They state that to poach an egg you simply tip it into a pan of boiling water. I have found that this results in bits of egg swirling around in the water. As I found out relatively recently, the best way to poach an egg is to use cling-film. Do the people at the British Egg Information Service know what they are talking about? The British public need to be told.



Blogger Polarbear said...

you can also try adding a few drops of white win vinegar to the water which reduces the dissapation of the egg albumen.

7:42 pm  

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