Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Middlesbrough residents don't understand computers

Middlesbrough slobMiddlesbrough HoboA BBC news story reports on how access to "e" technology varies greatly around the country. The survey reveals what anyone with half a brain could have worked for themselves; that poorer areas are less endowed with computers and broadband connectivity. Conversely, the affluent metropolis has the highest density of computer literates in the country. Quelle suprise.

The story is based on study by UCL and the universities of Nottingham and Leicester. It's postcode lookup tool reveals that Middlesbrough is in the lowest grouping, reserved for the "E-unengaged" and "technology fantasists". This hopeless piece of spatial sociological stereo-typing characterises the Middlesbrough resident by pictures of a vest-wearing slob and a homeless man carrying a plastic bag [see pictures]. Thanks for that.

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