Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blogging with Flock snippets

I've gone on about the Flock web browser many times in this blog but I'm still uncovering new features. One really useful one is called the "Snippets Bar". It's a little bar that you can conjure at the bottom of the browser that acts like a scrapbook of things you want to remember, like URLs, pictures, bits of text etc. This is very useful for the dedicated blogger who can just drag things into the snippets bar for later reference.

Flock snippet bar screen grab
When you want to use your pre-dragged snippets again, you just drag them back onto the Blogger "Create Post" form. If, however, you're using Flock's built in "Create a blog post" pop-up box, when you drag an image onto the page, it creates an image that is a link back to the page where it was originally dragged from, text is created as "blockquotes" and URLs become links.

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Blogger Vivek Narayanan said...

I really loved this feature back when I used Flock in 2005. I am looking for such an extension for Chrome or any Mac app. Would love to keep track of interesting snippets from the web, organize and go through them later. I've found many web based tools but they involve the tedium for copying the text, logging in to an application and then posting it there. It should be as simple as select +( keystroke or context menu option).

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