Wednesday, October 11, 2006

W3C Compliant Blogger Blog

The web is full of grotty, unpleasent websites. When creating this blog I wanted it to be clean, simple, cross-browser compatible and W3C compliant. What is W3C Compliance? The W3C is a standards body that decides the standards that are to be adhered to across the Internet. They offer an HTML Validation service that checks websites for correctness: if you're site has no errors it is deemed to be "W3C compliant" and can present a badge advertising the fact (see bottom left of this blog's home page). Making a website compliant is difficult enough as it is but when using a blogging tool such as Blogger, you are at the mercy of the HTML that it generates for you.

I've spent a good amount of time writing my own Blogger template from scratch and have managed to get most of the site W3C compliant, apart from the individual post pages. The bit that fails the test is are the "post a comment" links that are automatically generated by Blogger. The front page and archive pages are fine because I have opted to remove the "Email this item" and "Post a comment" buttons from each post.

I've compained about Blogger before, and some of the complaints have been resolved with the new Blogger Beta service, but the W3C compliance bit bugs me. Incidently, you may wish to upgraded to the Beta Blogger if you get the opportunity because it offers significant performance improvements, such as faster publishing, labels (tags) and Google account integration.

[Update: This has become a bit of an obsession for me. I have managed to get W3C compliance across the whole wretched blog by encapsulating the blogger comment and delete calls in Javascript. The Javascript corrects the HTML and 'document.writes' it out. There's still the incompatible iframe Blogger bar at the top, but this doesn't effect the Validator. At some point I'll migrate this template to the new Blogger Beta, although a first stab revealed the process to be prohibitively complicated.]

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Blogger Reploid said...

Hello Pal, I'm a designer too and trying to make my blog free from errors and w3c valid, just noticed that your blog contains some errors, Well the problem is that I am receiving the same errors, and could not find the source code to correct these errors. If you find a solution, let me know.

8:46 pm  

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