Friday, November 10, 2006

Mackem Firework Stunt

A man from Sunderland came to grief after trying launch a rocket from his arse on bonfire night. The imbecile was found by paramedics with extensive anal injuries after the firework had unexpectedly burnt him, an eventuality that the moron had not considered.

Unfortunately, no photographs seem to have been published of the Mackem in question so I am left to interpret the incident through the medium of felt-tip pen art:

Felt-tip pen art #2 - Mackem Firework Stunt

Felt-tip pen art #3 - Mackem Firework Stunt

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Blogger Polarbear said...

Did you know that the mong in question is a qualified engineer?

Check out the Sunderland Echo for the full torrid story.

I blame Jackass, I always want to recreate their pranks no matter what the consequence.

10:46 am  

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