Friday, November 24, 2006

Wonder pets are on their way

Wonder Pets - There's an animal in trouble somewhere
There is a show on Nick Jr called Wonder Pets that describes the antics of three domestic pets when the humans leave. After the door closes, the pets, a duckling, a turtle and a hamster, answer the phone. The phone call announces that an animal is in trouble, such as a Crane stuck near a volcano, a skunk tangled in a hedge or a unicorn with its horn stuck in a tree.

The pets decide that the endangered animal needs assistance so they don their superhero costumes, assemble a flying boat from some bits of old toys and fly out to help the creature. The beast is saved after some problem solving and teamwork is brought to bear. The Wonder Pets then return in their flying boat to their house where their discard their superhero disguises and return to their pet confinement.

This sounds a little surreal, but you have to factor in that the whole programme is delivered like an operetta with children singing the roles of the three key animals to a operatic score. Often their singing is off-key and one of the children can't pronounce her Rs - "there's an animal in twouble somewhere".

It is, however, a brilliant programme. The songs are completely catchy and you find yourself humming them all day.

Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets are on their way

To help a baby unicorn and save the day.

We’re not too big and we’re not too tough

But when we work together we’ve got the right stuff

The Wonder Pets!



Blogger Polarbear said...

Sewiously good tv.
Ming Ming should have been called Ming Mong though.

I'm a sewious Duck,
I don't give a %uc*,
My name is Ming Mong,
I'm skill at Ping Pong.

3:07 pm  
Blogger Polarbear said...

Last night we were parousing some new digital channels we have got.

There was one called 'Under 3's TV'. And from 12 onwards the programmes were listed as "Nightime TV for the under 3's"

3:09 pm  

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