Monday, February 12, 2007

The Ape meets Yahoo Pipes and Flickr

Yahoo PipesThe boffins at Yahoo! have created a new tool called Pipes which allows RSS and Atom feeds to be manipulated without any programming ability. You simply draw lines between boxes on a web page. It allows many feeds to be merged together, feeds to be filtered and all sorts of clever things.

The Ape In Pictures

I thought I'd give it a go so I took the Atom feed from The Ape which lists the most recent postings and makes a Flickr search for photos matching the blog post titles to produce a range of Flickr photos that embody the Ape's current postings. The results can be seen in The Ape in Pictures which takes this feed from Yahoo Pipes and makes it into a web page. As of today, they seem to photos of skulls, Kylie, art galleries and cats. Obviously the range of pictures will change as The Ape is updated and as photos are posted to Flickr.



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