Sunday, February 04, 2007

Forgotten Albums #2:Either/Or

Either/Or is Elliott Smith's third album, and following on from the preceding two, is broadly minimal and acoustic. Released in 1997, the album received favourable reviews but didn't sell well. A couple of the tracks from Either/Or supplemented by a few more Elliott Smith songs, formed the majority of the soundtrack to the Gus Van Sant film Good Will Hunting. Smith was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song for "Miss Misery" the following year - he lost out to Celine Dion for her Titanic ballad.

Smith suffered from depression and led a troubled life, blighted by alcohol and drug dependence. He met his end in 2003 with two stab wounds in the chest, believed to be self-inflicted. I remember the day well.

Although the vast majority of Elliott Smith's work stands up to repeated listening, it is the delicate minimalism of Either/Or that finds Elliott at his best.



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