Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Forgotten Albums #5: Steve McQueen

Prefab Sprout - Steve McQueenIn 1985, I toyed with the idea of buying Prefab Sprout's Steve McQueen album on cassette in the HMV shop in Middlesbrough. It was released on Newcastle's Kitchenware records and produced by Thomas Dolby, who's Flat Earth LP was one of my favourites. Wendy Smith, the band's backing singer, went to Nunthorpe School, although not in my year.

I bought it as a risk and it has been in my music collection ever since. I bought it again later on CD and still think it has one of the best "side 1"s you can get. While doing research for this post, I notice that Steve McQueen is being re-released with a bonus CD of acoustic versions of the songs, so I suppose I'll have to buy it again.

I came across Kitchenware records more recently when they signed Editors, a band whose album The Back Room, is never far from my turntable.



Blogger Polarbear said...

Brings back memories of playing on the BBC at Cortland Road that one.

Is is a forgoteen album if it is just being re-released and remastered?

8:28 am  
Blogger Glynn said...

Good point. It should be a remembered album.

10:48 am  

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