Monday, August 13, 2007

Keeping up

How, dear reader, does one keep up with the every changing streams of news emanating from every crevice of the internet. We can't spend all day scouring all our favourite websites, so we need a way to digest this information and only see the bits that are new.

This is where RSS is your friend. RSS allows websites to publish a summary of their recent changes in an easy-to-read (if you are a machine) format. Your RSS reader can then aggregate RSS feeds together to produce a news feed tailored just for you. I've tried various news readers including NetNewsWire and the readers built into Safari and Firefox.

But the most convenient one by far is Google Reader. Because it is published on the web, and can therefore be accessed from anywhere, it is easy to catch up with your un-read items from wherever you are.

Google Reader



Blogger Polarbear said...

Great innovation, but also very dangerous in that you will miss information if you trust an automation process to gather information. One thing I have learnt after 7 years of looking for Air Traffic news.

But there again it is nice to know we can still not be taken over by technology ......yet!

11:49 pm  

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