Thursday, January 10, 2008

Conservative Lads Club

Frank Sidebottom as MorrisseyDavid Cameron, the Conservative Party leader, is to visit the Salford Lads Club to pay homage to The Smiths, of whom he is a fan. The former social club was pictured on the inner sleeve of The Queen is Dead with the band posing outside.

Can Cameron expect endorsement from Morrissey himself? Not bloody likely. One only has delve into the Morrissey discography as far as "Margaret on the Guillotine" to work out that he isn't the biggest fan of the Conservative party. The song, released on his first solo album "Viva Hate", produced a visit from the police who wondered if the bequiffed singer was plotting to assassinate the Prime Minister with an unwieldy, French device. No charges were brought.

In Glamorous Glue, he sings:

We won't vote Conservative
Because we never have
Everyone lies, everyone lies

A party slogan, surely?

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Blogger Polarbear said...

he wasn't that welcome.

12:28 pm  

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