Friday, July 04, 2008

Leonard Cohens Greatest Hits

leonard cohen's greatest hits album cover
I've had Leonard Cohen's greatest hits for years; first on cassette and later on CD. It's called "The Best of Leonard Cohen" in the States and it features twelve tracks, most of which are sure-fire beauties.

He played Glastonbury last weekend but the BBC has no footage of the event. The thing with LC is that I can't seem to get away with any of his work other than this album. Anything later than this is bedevilled by nasty 80s production and I just can't being doing with it.

Check out "Suzanne" or "Hey that's no way to say goodbye" or "Sisters of Mercy" or "Chelsea Hotel #2" etc.



Blogger Polarbear said...

Suzanne with dutch subtitles :-)

11:04 am  

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