Monday, August 25, 2008

Littering postmen

Rubber bands discarded by postmen
If you walk the streets of your town and look at the pavement you will come across red rubber bands scattered at intervals. What is the source of this litter? Postmen. Our cheery Royal Mail delivery man thinks it is fine to discard the rubber bands that keep his bundles of letters together on the pavement whenever he is finished with them.

What Postie hasn't considered is that a curious swan might get its majestic neck stuck in one of the bands and then he wouldn't just be in trouble with me, but with the Queen and Paul Burrell too. He wouldn't like that, would he?



Blogger Polarbear said...

In my short career as a postie I was shocked by this phenomenon. The 'rubber band-do UFO's drop them phenomenon'.

In my last few months I began even picking up stray ones to preserve the postman's good name.

But it is true they are the culprits.

2:21 am  

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