Monday, August 25, 2008

The London Olympics

I watched some of the closing ceremony of the Olympic games. It is extraordinary what you can do with a few thousand humans, some serious stage lighting and a few million pounds. Then came the British.

A London bus appeared with the Brian Rogers dancers in tow. The dancers, representing the average Londoner, looked more like the zombies from Shaun of the Dead. The top of the bus opened as if by magic to reveal a poorly lit bush from which appeared Leona Lewis. Leona's bush was cut into the shape of the London skyline, although this fact had to be pointed out to you be the commentator as it wasn't easy to see.
Olympic Closing ceremony
Leona did a duet with octogenarian rocker Jimmy Page before David Beckham kicked a ball into the crowd.

I watched the spectacle, not in awe as I had the Chinese contribution, but in embarrassment. We can only guess at what pearly-queen-chelsea-pensioner- beefeater-black-cab nonsense is going to be on show in London 2012.



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