Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kylie at 40

Kylie turns 40 today. Happy Birthday, Kylie.

As my generation rapidly approaches this so-called landmark age, I have to wonder why people make such a fuss over it. Is it the gateway to being middle aged? Is it that the number is divisible by 10? [perhaps in a digital age we should revere the powers of two instead - "Life begins at 32" is quite catchy] Is it people fishing for compliments ("No you don't look a day over 35")?

Perhaps I'll suddenly buy a sports car or start wearing wacky ties to prove that I'm still youthful.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Evil Eye Lounge
I had a lovely weekend in York. I can recommend the Evil Eye Lounge (pictured) for their selection of hundreds of exotic beers and sprits. Bizarrely, they also offer Thai cuisine and Japanese snacks and free wifi.

Also on the list is the El Piano vegetarian restaurant which provided us with top quality foodstuffs in little pine baskets. They also sell rugs and stuff.

York was full of sword-dancers. Most of them seemed to be German. I'm not quite sure what was going on.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Man City

I was playing Pro Evolution Soccer yesterday in the office when it occurred to me that "Man City" would be a good name for a gay bar. As would "Man United".


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Invention of Morel

Louise Brooks - The basis of the character 'Faustine' from 'The Invention of Morel'
About a year ago, I was listening to Radio 4's "A Good Read" when someone recommended The Invention of Morel by Adolfo Bioy Casares. I bought it and was quite taken with it. It's an odd story about a man stranded on an island that appears to be populated by people who are reliving the same week over and over again. The main protagonist follows one of the women, Faustine, around endlessly as he becomes increasing enamoured of her.

When I read it I thought "this is a bit like Lost, isn't it?". In the fourth season of Lost, Sawyer was seen carrying a copy of, you guessed it, The Invention of Morel. Well, well, well.

Why a picture of Louise Brookes? The character of Faustine is supposedly based on the actress. And she has good hair.

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Google Docs

Google Documents has been updated. Now you can create wordprocessor documents, spreadsheets and presentations in a web browser. The presentations can be saved as Powerpoint and published on your website:

It's like magic.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Anti-Social Networking

anti-social networking - a.k.a the scrapbookWith people growing increasingly bored of Facebook I think we need a new buzzword to capture the imagination of internet users. Instead of encouraging everyone to share their every waking thought on the Internet and through text-messages with Twitter or posting one's musings on a blog, I'm advocating the complete opposite:"Anti-Social Networking".

As its name suggests, it will be the opposite of social networking sites like MySpace and Bebo. Anti-social networking, in fact, doesn't involve going online at all. The rules are as follows:
  • write articles, cut & paste photos/newspaper cuttings/drawings, write the URLs of your favourite websites and create lists of names/books/films/DVDs
  • put it all in an A3 scrapbook
  • put the scrapbook in a drawer
  • tell no-one about it
  • for added security, burn the scrapbook


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Alan Smith - Worst signing of the season?

Alan SmithI'm not a big fan of Alan Smith. I've mentioned him on several occasions but the football season has now finished without Mr Smith troubling the net on a single occasion. A remarkable achievement for a Premier League striker.

It seems I'm not the only one with my eye on this journeyman; this blogger has rated him as worst signing of the season where as the Evening Gazette links him with a move to the Riverside. Surely not.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


The BBC and ITV launched Freesat today. It's a non-subscription satellite TV service offering 80-200 channels for the cost of the receiver. Sounds like a bargain. Unfortunately, there's no "Sky+" PVR version yet, so that would present something of a barrier to switching. Our household would be lost without the series link and the time-shifting capabilities of Sky+. But there is one on the way.

Freesat does have one advantage over the Sky platform: it has a internet connection built in which would mean iPlayer functionality too.