Saturday, July 19, 2008


We are big fans of Pixar films in our house, so we were keen to get in early to see the latest film from the Pixar stable, "Wall-E".
The film features an abandoned Earth, with only a solitary robot left to tidy up. The film is a thing of great beauty, especially the first thirty minutes which had the audience open-mouthed in awe, despite a complete lack of dialogue.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Summer Heights High

Summer Heights High is an Australian "mockumentary" set in a high school. It is written by Chris Lilley, who also plays the three main characters; a manipulative schoolgirl Ja'mie, a Tongan breakdancing boy and the poisonous Head of Drama, Mr Gee.

Mr Gee steals the show as he writes a musical depicting the life of a deceased student.

It's on BBC 3. You need to watch it from the start. Unfortunately, this blog post is about 4 weeks too late. Even the iPlayer can't help you now.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My profile on
I was recently re-introduced to, the "social music revolution". It is a website which collects your music listening habits and collates them in to tables. The information is then used to compare you with other users and you can find cyber-friends who appreciate the same music. It automatically takes the songs you listen to on your iPod/iTunes and publishes the details online.

It weaves together music listening proclivities with live music events, personalise recommendations, internet radio and, of course, targeted advertising. It's a highly addictive mix, and unlike other social-networking sites, it works well and with some panache.

See my profile to get the gist.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Leonard Cohens Greatest Hits

leonard cohen's greatest hits album cover
I've had Leonard Cohen's greatest hits for years; first on cassette and later on CD. It's called "The Best of Leonard Cohen" in the States and it features twelve tracks, most of which are sure-fire beauties.

He played Glastonbury last weekend but the BBC has no footage of the event. The thing with LC is that I can't seem to get away with any of his work other than this album. Anything later than this is bedevilled by nasty 80s production and I just can't being doing with it.

Check out "Suzanne" or "Hey that's no way to say goodbye" or "Sisters of Mercy" or "Chelsea Hotel #2" etc.